Other Ways to Give

Scholarship Programsdsc_7903

Every year, scholarship programs provide about 165 students an opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education at Mount Calvary Christian School. Without this assistance, nearly half of our student population might not be able to choose MCCS.

You can enhance the MCCS scholarship program to enable more families to take advantage of the opportunities our school provides.

Business Scholarship Partners

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides business tax credit options to businesses that support MCCS school families with tuition assistance. Participating businesses can receive tax credits for up to 90% of their contributions.

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC): Assistance for students in Grades Pre-K to 12.

Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC): Assistance for students in Grades K-12 that reside within the boundaries of state-identified low performing schools.

To learn more about these programs contact Josh Glacken at 717.367.1649 x155 or jglacken@www.mcchristianschool.com

Friends of the Chargers
You can become a “Friend of the Chargers” by contributing a one-time gift of at least $100 or making an ongoing monthly pledge of any amount to our “Friends of the Chargers” scholarship campaign.

All 2015 “Friends of the Chargers” will receive a car magnet as a thank you for your participation.

Gifts can be made in two ways:
One-Time & Ongoing Gifts can be made online by clicking here.

Mail a check to MCCS listing “Friends of the Chargers” in the subject line:
629 Holly St., Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Planned Giving

MCCS has partnered with Everence* to provide charitable services to help you explore a variety of planned giving options. Through gift planning, you can provide future support for MCCS, while also giving you and your loved ones financial flexibility, potential tax benefits and even income for life.

For more information, contact Josh Glacken at jglacken@www.mcchristianschool.com or 717.367.1649 x155. You also may contact Nikki Shingle from Everence at nikki.shingle@evserence.com or 717.653.6662.

Through a bequest plan, you can designate MCCS as the beneficiary of assets by will, trust or other instrument.

Charitable gift annuities
A gift annuity is a great way to help MCCS while also securing your future, with guaranteed payments for life.**

Charitable remainder trusts
A charitable remainder trust is an ideal way to turn your assets (like real estate and securities) into a charitable gift without losing much of your capital gains to taxes – and support MCCS at the same time.

IRAs and tax-deferred accounts
If you have a tax-deferred account, such as a traditional IRA (individual retirement account), you can donate it to charity upon your death and help your estate avoid paying substantial taxes that may be due.

Farm commodities
Farmers can donate commodities like grain or livestock instead of cash to MCCS, while also reducing taxes.

Gifts of stock
You can turn your investments into cash without losing a large portion of your capital gains to taxes by donating all or a portion of your stock to MCCS.

Gifts of real estate
Giving a charitable gift of real estate is an option for owners of farmland, commercial or residential rental property, or vacant investment land.

Life insurance
Life insurance is a practical and affordable way to donate more than you may have thought possible.

*Everence charitable services are administered by Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence) and Everence Trust Company.
**Gift annuity payments are dependent on the financial ability of the issuing entity to pay.
This information should be used only for preliminary guidance. Donors should consult their financial advisors, attorneys and accountants.

Free Money Initiative

GIANT & Darrenkamp’s Gift Cards
Description: Purchase GIANT or Darrenkamp’s gift cards from the school office and MCCS
receives 10% of the value of that gift card.

Description: Register your GIANT BONUSCARD with Mount Calvary
Christian School and 1% of all your grocery store purchases
will be donated to MCCS.

BoxTops for Education
Description: Clip BoxTops from some of your favorite brand name foods
and MCCS receives $.10 for every BoxTop collected.