September Student of the Month – Drew Norman

Each month, we recognize a senior who is nominated by MCCS faculty and staff based on spiritual leadership, character, academic achievement or improvement, perseverance through trials, and other aspects of a student’s life and academic career.
Drew Norman received the Student of the Month award for September. Read his interview below. Congratulations, Drew!

What are your plans after graduation?

“After graduation, I plan to major in ministry, whether that be student ministry or pastoral ministry. I am currently undecided regarding where I will attend college.”

What classes have helped you toward your potential career goal?

“Mainly my Bible classes with Mr. Owlett, and this year with Mr. Moses. I’ve really enjoyed them and digging into God’s Word and learning more about Him. I plan to take a dual-enrollment class this year (The Life of Christ), to learn more about Christ’s life on earth. That’s my plan for this year.”

What sports, clubs, or activities have you been involved in? Any awards or special recognitions? 

During my time at Mount Calvary, I have had the privilege of playing soccer, baseball, and basketball – soccer being my favorite of the three. I’ve also been blessed to be a part of NHS and student council and am the president of NHS. I’ve been a part of tons of activities over the course of my time at Mount Calvary as well.I also earned the leadership award for basketball.”

How have the teachers at MCCS made an impact on your life?

“During my 13 years at Mount Calvary Christian School, there have been a lot of awesome teachers who have had a big impact on my life. Their involvement in sports, coming to games, and their personal connection has really meant a lot to me. Teachers like Mr. Owlett and Mrs. Aument have really helped me to develop my leadership skills, develop my skills in the classroom, and to be someone who honors God in everything they do.”

What has God been teaching you?

“One thing that God has been teaching me lately, especially this soccer season is patience. I am not the most patient of people. I like to go fast and work hard all the time. This year, I sprained my MCL in the first soccer game of the year, and I’ve had to battle with my emotions and my prayer life, and really just try to figure out what God’s been teaching me. I think that patience is one of those things. But I’ve been able to sit on the sidelines and encourage my teammates through that, which I think is a really awesome opportunity.”

Any advice for younger students?

“One piece of advice that I’d pass on to the younger students coming on up through Mount Calvary is whatever you do – whether it be on the soccer field, in the classroom, on the basketball court or in your home, do all to the glory of God. 
Regardless of circumstances, and when everything is changing around you, I think, as Christians, we should strive to do all to the glory of God. Let’s make sure we can provide an example to those underneath us who are coming up in the faith.”