Senior Katelyn Niedwick Receives Student of the Month Award for April

Each month, we recognize a senior who is nominated by MCCS faculty and staff based on spiritual leadership, character, academic achievement or improvement, perseverance through trials, and other aspects of a student’s life and academic career.

Katelyn was recognized as the Student of the Month for April! Check out her interview below. Congratulations, Katelyn! We loved sitting down and hearing a little bit about your journey at MCCS!

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to attend Penn State University Park to major in either biology or graphic design.”

What sports, clubs, or activities have you been involved in? Any awards or special recognitions?

“From middle school to high school, I’ve been involved in band, choir, sports such as volleyball and basketball; I do student council, and I do National Honor Society (NHS). I’m the vice-president of National Honor Society, and I’m president of my class.

Some awards that I’ve been given would include the Christian Character Award, some high GPA acknowledgements, and the Coach Award in volleyball.”

What classes have helped you in your career objective?

“Classes that have helped me are anatomy and biology for my scientific major, but for graphic design, I’d say my teacher internship with Mrs. Aument, because I’m forced to create different things from a simple prompt, so I feel like I can become more creative.”

How have the teachers at MCCS made an impact on your life?

“Being here for 14 years, every teacher I’ve had has made an impact on me. This year, in particular, I’d say Mrs. Risser has really helped me grow in knowing what I want to do in the sciences. She never judges a student but just wants them to do their best. I’ve always found that as an encouragement to me, to do my best instead of trying to be perfect. 

Another teacher who has really impact me this year has been Mrs. Fortney. She’s my homeroom teacher, my class advisor, but she’s also a role model. When I look to her, I think of the adult I would like to be.”

What has God been teaching you lately?

I’ve been reading through Proverbs, and a lot of Proverbs is sayings like, ‘Don’t be a fool.’ However, a lot of it talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with wise people and good friends. At Mount Calvary, I’ve found really good friends, so I think God’s been teaching me to prioritize friendship and the people around me.”

Do you have any advice for younger students?

“Advice that I’d give younger students is to prioritize friendships – with friends and teachers, instead of chasing after popularity and being cool and having a cool reputation. In the end, a friend will give you more laughs than popularity will.”

Any closing thoughts?

As my time at Mount Calvary comes to a close, I’d like to thank my parents for being there, paying, and always driving me to places whenever I need it with all the events I’ve gotten myself caught up in. I also want to thank my teachers; it’s been 14 years, and I’m a very different person than I was in K4, and I think I really grew here and became more mature.”