Senior Jackson Mohr Receives Student of the Month Award for May

Each month, we recognize a senior who is nominated by MCCS faculty and staff based on spiritual leadership, character, academic achievement or improvement, perseverance through trials, and other aspects of a student’s life and academic career.

Jackson was recognized as the Student of the Month for May! Check out his interview below. Congratulations, Jackson! We loved sitting down and hearing a little bit about your journey at MCCS!

What are your plans after graduation?

“After graduation, I plan to attend Penn State University Park to major in either biology or graphic design.”

What sports, clubs, or activities have you been involved in? Any awards or special recognitions?

“I did Bible quizzing from sixth grade to senior year, I’ve been in Student Council since tenth grade, and National Honor Society since eleventh grade.”

What classes have helped you in your career objective?

“Three classes that have really shown me that I want to continue into the math and science fields are chemistry, anatomy, and calculus.”

How have the teachers at MCCS made an impact on your life?

“I really enjoy Mount Calvary being a Christian school, especially knowing all the teachers are Christians. Even though I’ve had a lot of different Bible teachers, I’ve really enjoyed and have taken advantage of asking them difficult questions. I think all the teachers have helped me grow in my faith throughout middle school and high school.”

What has God been teaching you lately?

“Something that I’ve been learning a lot this year and God has been teaching me a lot, especially since January, is how important it is to be joyful in all circumstances. The Bible says so many times to delight in the Lord and to rejoice in the Lord, and I had not realized how important it is as a Christian. I had not been really obeying God because I wasn’t being joyful. That’s something I need to keep working on, and that’s what God’s been teaching me this year.”

Do you have any advice for younger students?

“My advice for younger students is to take advantage of the time you have here. One way to take advantage is with school being a Christian environment, take advantage of all the staff being Christians and being able to influence you but also take advantage of the time with your friends outside of school. Do things that you enjoy and hang out with people you enjoy.”

What is one of your favorite high school memories?

“One of my favorite things from all of high school has been a few weeks ago when we did our senior trip, and it was just cool, because we’re all friends, and we were all just hanging out, worshiping God and serving the community, and just being together on the beach for a week.”