October Student of the Month- Emma Niklas

Each month, we recognize a senior who is nominated by MCCS faculty and staff based on spiritual leadership, character, academic achievement or improvement, perseverance through trials, and other aspects of a student’s life and academic career.

Emma Niklas received the first Student of the Month award for the school year. Read her interview below. Congratulations, Emma!

What are your plans after graduation?

I’ve been attending Mount Calvary for 14 years now, and in the future, I hope to go to Cedarville University and major in business, and hopefully someday open my own coffee shop or cafe.”

What sports, clubs, or activities have you been involved in? Any awards or special recognitions?

Some groups I’ve been a part of this year at Mount Calvary have been National Honor Society, Student Council, and class chaplain. I’ve been a class chaplain for the last several years, and it’s been a really cool opportunity to connect with my classmates and point them towards Christ.”

How have the teachers at MCCS made an impact on your life?

“My teachers here have definitely had a huge impact on my life. I appreciate how they always incorporate Christ into their lessons and different activities we do in class. I also really appreciate how they encourage us throughout our day. Just the other day, Mrs. Aument encouraged me when I was having a bad day, and it definitely makes a big impact.”

What has God been teaching you lately?

“Something God has been teaching me recently is to trust in Him and His plan for my life, over the last few years especially, in trying to decide what to do with my future and just even the day-to-day – trusting in Him and trusting that God’s plan is ultimately good; it’s so reassuring.”

Do you have any advice for younger students?

“Some advice that I would pass on to younger students is to create Christ-centered friendships as early as you can. I’ve noticed for me, having those girls especially that I can go and talk to, whether we’re laughing or talking about more spiritual topics, has definitely made an impact on my life and helped me grow closer to Christ.”