Junior Nathaniel Spinney – Selected for District Band

Nathaniel Spinney, a junior at MCCS, had the honor of being accepted into District Band. Nathaniel had to prepare an audition piece and scales and then attend District Band auditions. He was given an overall score for his performance, which earned him this esteemed position.

He now gets to attend District Band, where he will attend a two-day workshop with a highly accomplished guest judge and play with other students from the district who were also accepted. This culminates into a very high caliber concert performance.

“This year, I was able to go to District Band for french horn. That was such a fun experience for me to be able to play with a whole bunch of other high quality musicians. Miss Lancaster has been a great help in making sure that I filled out all the information and preparing me for this opportunity. 

Next year, I hope to do districts again and go on to regionals as well. It’s just a great opportunity for young musicians to be able to enhance the skills they already have. Mount Calvary is a great place for musicians looking to grow their skill, and I’m hoping to use the skills I’ve been given here in college as well.”

Congratulations on all your hard work and diligence, Nathaniel!