Embracing the Heart to Serve

“For I have given an example for you that you should also do as I have done for you,” John 13:15.  Jesus spoke these words to his disciples after doing something extraordinary – he washed his disciples’ feet. At first glance, it may seem strange, ordinary, and perhaps even revolting, until you remember who Jesus is. The One who created the heavens and earth, who breathed life into man, and whom the winds and waves obey and the rocks would shout and sing was stooping to care for another. Here He was setting an example of faithfulness and humility to show how God had intended man to live – with a loving attitude to one another and obedience to His will. He was bending down before His disciples just hours before He’d be nailed to the cross in submission and love to His Father. “I have given an example…”

MCCS embraces the heart to serve- from the smallest Chargers in preschool through the graduating class of 2023. One of our goals for our students is to equip them for service and every good work and to support this goal by helping them to experience and seek out opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In a variety of different ways,you can see the example of Christ shine through His children at Mount Calvary.

On a typical day at MCCS, you will find young elementary students collecting books for other classes, helping their teachers with materials, and caring for neighbors. Older elementary students might be assisting with inventory in the library, wiping down lunch tables, or helping a younger class with reading. Every day, middle school students create (and clean up) incredible playground activities for our elementary students, support fellow classmates with physical needs, and move plenty of boxes to our new West Campus.

Servant-hearted leadership is the hallmark of our high school as our oldest students support teachers as interns and build relationships with the younger students, work in the kitchen to provide lunches, eagerly step up to meet a need like changing a trash bag, filling up water jugs, grabbing equipment, or jumping in to help teachers with little ones.

This spring, our high school students completed a day of service highlighted by opportunities to go and serve the surrounding community or learn about the needs that exist within their realm of influence. Students served at Wildheart Ministries (an organization that serves the Allison Hill community of Harrisburg), Bethesda Mission, Camp Mt. Lou San, Friends in Action, and UNTO packing warehouse. In addition to these projects, students and staff members served the local community by helping with yard work, painting, and other projects. 

Here at MCCS, a group of middle school students also helped pack boxes to prepare teachers to move to West Campus. Some of our students’ favorite memories have been when they could serve outside of our campus to those in the community.

 Perhaps the most beautiful thing about our students serving our school, our community, and each other is that we are able to do so for the glory of God. Every time we offer our students opportunities to serve and then see them bending down to support one another, we can direct them to the Word of God. We are able to talk about Jesus’ incredible example and immense sacrifice, and how we are reflecting His great love. 

As we strive to prepare our students, our prayer is to continue to make much of what Christ has done for us, complete the good work He has started in us, and carry out the tasks He has prepared for us to do.

-Mrs. Jill K. Smith, M. Ed. Teacher