Chargers Senior Spotlight – Luke Turner

Our next Chargers Senior Spotlight is on Luke Turner.  Luke is currently participating in our co-op with Elizabethtown Area High School in rifle. He was also the top golfer on our golf team this fall for the team’s 2nd place CCAC finish. Last year, Luke and the rifle team won the LL League championship and are looking to repeat again this year.

Read Luke’s interview below:

How long have you been at Mount Calvary and how long have you played the sports you are playing this year?

“I have been at Mount Calvary since K5 and have shot for the Etown rifle team since 9th grade.”

Why did you decide to play the sports that you do, and what is your favorite sport?

“I have always liked shooting and I liked the idea of shooting for competition once I heard about the Etown rifle team. It gave me something different to try because shooting competition air rifles is nothing like anything else I have ever tried before. Rifle is my favorite sport.”

What has prepared you to play sports at the varsity level for Mount Calvary/Etown?

“My coach has been the person that helped me get to where I am the most. He has been shooting competition since high school as well and he knows everything about shooting because he has experienced pretty much everything there is about the sport.”

How has athletics helped you in your life and in your relationship with Christ?

“It helped me make new friends and it gave me something new to strive to do my best in. I have met other Christians at rifle and it brought me closer to them. It gave me another thing to be thankful to God for.”

What are your plans post-graduation?

“I would like to go into the wildlife conservation field to be a game warden or park ranger.”

Congratulations, Luke!