Beginner Band

Beginner band begins in Grade 5 but may include older students who are interested in starting an instrument for the first time. Since it is important that a band is balanced in instrumentation, instrument selection must be approved by the director.

Students must rent, buy, or borrow an instrument in order to participate. Students will begin the year by rehearsing in small groups of like instruments and progress to full band rehearsals in time for the winter and spring concerts. Private lessons are also required for all students.

Concert Band

Concert band will be comprised of students in grades 6 – 12 who have played in band previously. Instruction will expand on their past band experience by adding more difficult music from standard band literature while introducing new key signatures, mixed meters and advanced rhythmic patterns. Performance opportunities include chapels, winter concert, band concert, ACSI Fine Arts Festivals, as well as possible concerts in the community.

New students entering the program must have an audition with the director. Private lessons are required for all middle school students through the 8th grade and highly recommended for high school members. These will be graded and become a part of their quarterly grade along with daily rehearsals and private practice that is required in preparation for lessons, band rehearsals and concerts.

Private lessons for voice, piano, and instruments are available through the school.