Art & Photography

All students in grades K4 – 8 enjoy art experiences with art teacher, Ms. Mary Harrison.Elementary students gain basic art skills, fine motor control, and progress through the basic principles of art while creating studio projects in a wide variety of media.  Principles of art that are focused on in K4 – 5th grade include line, shape, form, pattern, texture, and color.

Students in middle school add to and build upon these basic skills.  Middle school students refine their skills while adding artistic understanding through the principles of composition, value, symmetry, and beginning design foundations.

High school students can elect to take Art 1, Art 2, Art 3 and Art 4, also taught by Ms. Harrison.

During this time, high school students refine previously learned skills and build further art principles including balance, motion, rhythm, unity, color theory, and harmony.  Skills in a wider range of media will be developed at each level.  Art 4 students will be invited to engage in independent studio projects and college portfolio development.

At all levels, art students will focus on drawing skills and media in the first quarter; painting skills and design during the second quarter; sculpture, which includes clay and other building materials during the third quarter; and print-making, design and/or fiber arts during the fourth quarter.

Students will also be encouraged to participate in sharing art within our community through art shows and competitions.

All art projects are graded either on the Elementary Art Rubric or the Middle School/High School Art Rubric. Since there are no tests, quizzes, or homework, the art projects are the basis for the student’s grade. Creativity and excellence are encouraged and expected at all levels.