Why choose a Mount Calvary Education?

We are honored that you are considering Mount Calvary Christian School and understand that the decision to enroll your child in a Christian school is not taken lightly.

  1. Mount Calvary values the home and looks at itself as supporting parents, not replacing them. In other words, we greatly value parental values, involvement, and input.
  2. MCCS has a very clear concept of what Christian education looks like. Students learn to integrate a Christian worldview into their lives and into all academic subjects.  They learn to think and act biblically. In a day and age when people can instantly find information on their phone, students need to learn how to discern what is right.  The Information Age has made it critically important for students to know how to evaluate ideas and not simply find them.
  3. We honor the word of God and the local church. We have 80 churches from Lancaster and Dauphin counties that send children to our school. We have core values that include the reading and teaching of the Bible.
  4. We value academic achievement. MCCS greatly values inquiry based learning and hands-on, student-centered education.  We also offer a variety of academic choices from general to advanced placement courses, academic assistance for students who need extra instructional help, and ESL classes for international students.
  5. The safety of our students is a priority. MCCS makes every attempt to reduce bullying, theft, profanity, rebellion, and physical violence. We want to create a safe and loving environment for your child. If safety is a concern, choosing MCCS may be the best fit for your family.

MCCS Stories

Since coming to MCCS, I’ve grown in my friendships. I’ve been praying for my friends, and I’m growing a lot in my one-on-one relationship with God.

Logan Stewart, Class of '26

We chose MCCS because we wanted our children to have a firm foundation in the Bible.

Summer grew up at MCCS and believes the biblical knowledge she received was invaluable. We pray that MCCS, in partnership with us as parents, will help us shape our children’s lives in a positive way for Christ. We love the teachers and the family feel of the school in addition to the high quality education.

An MCCS Family

One thing I love about Mount Calvary is all the opportunities they create for you to develop relationships with your fellow students.

Breanna Winters, Class of '23

When we began exploring where our children would attend school, it was important to us that our children were being prepared spiritually and the school would partner with us. When we came to MCCS, we saw teachers who were invested in students’ lives – not just mastering an academic lesson.

All 4 of our children began in K4, and our youngest son will graduate this year.

Our oldest have been successful in under-graduate and graduate studies and serve as leaders in their communities. We truly are blessed that our children were equipped spiritually and academically at MCCS.

An MCCS Family

I am so thankful we chose Mount Calvary for our girls.

As an alumni, I knew the values Mount Calvary had but seeing it first hand in our girls is amazing. Our 4-year old not only grew so much academically but more importantly in her knowledge of Jesus and His love for us.

An MCCS Family