International Students

International Student Program at MCCS

Our international student program has three specific classes for ESL students from outside the United States.

  1. We have an ESL language class to help the student learn grammar, phonetics, and to improve their TOFL score.
  2. There is an ESL English Literature class that moves in rhythm with the international student population at our school.
  3. Our religion class is a course in the Bible that is adapted for international students who may not know much about Christianity and who might still be struggling with language acquisition.

If you are an international student interested in studying at Mount Calvary Christian School, please fill in the International Student Application and submit it to the school office.

Mount Calvary Christian School (MCCS) is pleased to partner with American Home Life International (AHLI) and other international student organizations to bring students from around the world to the classrooms of MCCS. These partnership have proven to be very beneficial for all those involved: our International students, our existing student body, as well as for those families having the privilege to host the visiting students.

For international students desiring to apply for enrollment at MCCS or if you are interested in becoming a host family for an international, please contact us.