Spiritual Formation

Elementary Bible Curriculum

Passion for the Story, our own curriculum, helps our youngest students passionately pursue Christ as they learn specific grade-level themes, attributes, and doctrines each year beginning in the K4 program.

Storying is the core methodology used in our Bible curriculum. Storying refers to the process of helping students understand biblical truths through listening to, retelling, and discussing Bible stories. 

Some of our key programs include our Chargers theme which helps develop biblical character traits and encourages students to recognize those attributes in others. Our mascot, Champ, wears the Armor of God and encourages students to exemplify the traits in Galatians.

Students have the opportunity to earn Chargers tickets and be recognized in a monthly Chargers chapel as they exemplify the character trait emphasized that month.

Elementary students also attend weekly chapel and participate in a themed spiritual emphasis week, which is a fun and impactful time for students and teachers.

Middle School Bible Curriculum

Mount Calvary Christian School seeks to develop holistic followers of Jesus who are able and willing to be used by him because of a personal relationship with their Creator.

Through our Middle School Bible program, Living in the Kingdom, upon graduation, students will grasp essential doctrines and truths through Bible study process, teacher modeling, and student centered activities.

Bible class, daily formation habits, teaching, and partnerships form the basis of this program. 

We believe that God has ordained there to be three major formative institutions in a teen’s life: home, church, school. By God’s design,
holistic spiritual formation of students cannot take place in just one of these domains.

Although it is God’s spirit who moves a believer in the
process to maturity, we are called to create a nurturing framework. This is best done when all three adolescent domains work toward the
same vision of youth formation.

In addition to our in-school curriculum, students are challenged to deepen their relationship with God and others through weekly chapel, spiritual emphasis week, and other special off-site trips and opportunities.

Bible Sequence for Grades 6-12

Grade Fall Semester Spring Semester
Gospels & Bible Reading
Gospels & Bib-Herm
7/8 Cycle 1
Acts & The Church
Acts & Worldview
7/8 Cycle 2
OT & Spiritual Disciplines
OT & Genre Specific Bib-Herm
Grade Fall Semester Spring Semester
Grades 9/10/11
Year 1
Daniel, Revelations
Wisdom Literature & James
Grades 9/10/11
Year 2
Prison Epistles
Grades 9/10/11
Year 3
Galatians, Romans
Hebrews, Minor Prophets
Grade Fall Semester Spring Semester
Grade 12
Year 1
Systematic Theology
12th Grade -- Worldview
Grades 11/12
Year 2
Life of Christ (LBC)
11th Grad BJU Worldview
11th Grade -- Worldview
Life of Christ