Academic Success

In order to fulfill the MCCS mission, our Academic Success department assists those students who are experiencing difficulties academically. By helping students to learn to function independently, our Academic Success program prepares students according to their needs.

At the elementary level, Academic Success may assist students and act as a co-teacher and partner to the teachers in dealing with both students who struggle academically. Upon entering the program, the Academic Success teacher will work with the classroom teacher to develop a plan of instruction, objectives, and goals that best fit with the student’s learning style.

At the elementary level, Academic Success works to assist both students and teachers to provide personalized instruction based on each child’s needs. Through collaboration with classroom teachers, Academic Success can provide accommodations to in-class instruction and assignments, as well as offer in-class support. Small group instruction may also be available based on a child’s needs. Upon entering the program, the Academic Success teacher will meet with the classroom teacher and family to create a plan, specialized for each student, which includes goals and a plan for their instruction. 

The middle school/high school Academic Success program is intended to meet the needs of students who require support with regard to their academic learning needs. The program is designed to give students the support they need in a one-on-one or small group environment. The goal is for the student to function independently in the regular classroom while working on and passing grade level material without assistance or modifications. 

MCCS is committed to providing an excellent Christian education to as many students as possible. While the school is not equipped to meet all students’ needs, the school is proud to have an Academic Success program throughout all grade levels (K5-12). With a full-time teachers for elementary, middle, and high school students as well as reading and speech support staff from the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit (IU-13), we feel that we are well equipped to meet the learning needs of many students.

Academic Success Purposes

  1. To re-teach material presented in the regular classroom, giving special attention to the areas that the student finds to be particularly difficult
  2. To give students opportunities to strengthen their areas of academic weakness
  3. To teach skills needed in reading new material, preparing for tests, taking notes, writing reports, acquiring good study habits, organizing material, etc.
  4. To encourage students to be comfortable with and thankful for the person that God has created them to be; to give opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns which relate to their academic experience; to provide a quiet place for students who need extra time to complete tests, quizzes, etc.; to help students develop independence and responsibility in the classroom and in life.

Student Placement

Students involved in the Academic Success program may be admitted based on one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Teacher observations of classroom achievement and behavior
  2. Teacher referral for academic subjects with which student is experiencing difficulty
  3. Inability for student to do grade level work independently
  4. Teacher has made an attempt to tutor and/or modify the student assignments and teaching methods prior to referral
  5. Student is consistently receiving below grade level achievement test scores
  6. Informal testing/observation is done by the school’s Academic Success teacher who then refers student to the program
  7. Parental recommendation and approval

*Any student who has been formally tested and has an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or has been referred by a psychologist or other related therapist may be placed in the Academic Success program immediately.