Middle School

Mount Calvary’s middle school includes grades 6, 7 and 8. Our faculty recognizes that these years are full
of transitions and changes for these students, and they make every effort to be understanding of the needs of this age group. The faculty’s goal is to assist you in molding your child to “be a vessel for honor, sanctified, and useful for the master, prepared for every good work” II Timothy 2:20.

Middle school students move out of self-contained classrooms and move into academics that become increasingly deeper in scope, but still grounded in biblical principles. An emphasis continues to be placed on core subjects with extended class time for Mathematics and English.

Middle school students are able to participate in our athletics and fine arts programs. Athletic opportunities include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. All of the athletic opportunities available to our students is located in the athletics section of the website. Fine arts opportunties include band, choir, select choir, art, and handbells.

Sixth grade students enjoy the opportunity to take an overnight trip in the fall to Spruce Lake, a learning center located a few hours away from school. During this trip students not only learn about nature and God’s creation, but are challenged to grow deeper in their Christian faith. This activity encourages class unity and character development.

Middle School Highlights

Grades: 6-8

Enrollment: 87

Opportunities: Athletics, Choir, Band, Select Ensembles, Art, and Computer

Highlights: Spruce Lake Trip – 6th Grade, ACSI, Fine Arts Festival, Class Competitions at Homecoming, Hands on Physics and Chemistry during J-Term, Spirit Week, Washington D.C. Trip – 8th Grade

Grading Scale

A+ 100-97 B- 82-80 D 66-65
A 96-93 C+ 79-77 F Below 65
A- 92-90 C 76-73
B+ 89-87 C- 72-70 P Passing
B 86-83 D+ 69-67 I Incomplete
Mount Calvary Christian School places a great amount of care into the curriculum plan each year. A systematic review of all curriculum is completed on an annual basis to ensure the information we teach our students is current and relevant in today’s educational climate. Special attention is placed on a specific subject each year, and a thorough evaluation of that curriculum ensures families that MCCS is best preparing your child to succeed academically.In addition to reviewing the school’s curriculum, much attention is placed on vertically integrating the curriculum between grade levels. Meetings are regularly held to assess each classes progress as well as to discuss the individual needs of special students within the class.The result of the diligent work of the school’s curriculum committee is a complete educational experience that allows graduating seniors to excel at the college level.