Home Education Program

The Administration and Board of Mount Calvary recognized the biblical mandate given to parents concerning education and child training (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Therefore in order to support those parents who have decided to educate their children full time in their home, Mount Calvary Christian School has implemented a Home Education Assistance Program as a service to parents who for particular reasons have decided to formally teach their children at home.

A.  Requirements to enroll in the program:

1.  Student must be registered with the school.
(Annual Fee)
2. Student will be subject to all rules and regulations applicable to all Mount Calvary students.
3. Must provide proof that home schooler has been in contact with their local school superintendent and are approved to home school.
4. Complete emergency health forms.

B. Services provided:

1. High School & Middle School Courses
2. Achievement Testing
3. Middle School Athletic Participation*
4. High School Sports Ineligible per PIAA
5. PSAT Testing
*Student must be enrolled in a class to be eligible to participate in athletic team

C. Extra services provided Standardized Achievement Tests and College Board Test (PSAT) administered by Mount Calvary Christian School.

D. Extra services provided: No registration fee

1. Use of library – Home Education students who are registered at Mount Calvary Christian School may have full use of the Library. Books must be checked out in the manner provided by the school.
2. Participation in Teacher conventions – Home Education parents may attend the convention at the MCCS group rate.
3. School Pictures – Home Education students may have their pictures taken on days scheduled by Mount Calvary Christian School. The same fees will be charged for pictures that apply to all students involved.

E. Graduation – In order to receive a diploma from Mount Calvary Christian School, a student will have to be enrolled as a regular full-time student his/her last full year.