High School

The high school years at MCCS are marked by a shift in school life, an experiential component where students are given opportunities to make decisions and to learn and grow in a way that will sustain them beyond high school.

In grades 9-12, students work with their parents and teachers to start to chart their own course and prepare to become immersed in the world and impact the culture for Christ.

At the high school level, students participate in MAP Testing to assess their academic preparedness. This testing also guides our teachers in their instruction and provides them with information on students’ SAT readiness.

Our Student Development Intensives coordinate with MAP Testing as well as our Spiritual Emphasis days. In the fall, we pause classes to focus on spiritual development, revolving around a central theme each year. 

In the winter, we emphasize student-led spiritual development, letting our student chaplains lead and develop mentoring relationships with middle school students. 

High school students then pivot to career development with a spiritual growth component, along with college prep. Students also begin to explore their Capstone Project, as they begin to understand how their talents and passions, along with their spiritual gifts can come together and form a career path and a life that honors Christ. 

MCCS encourages and helps students pursue dual-enrollment, as a goal is to graduate with one semester of college completed. Our “Premier Partnership” with Lancaster Bible College (LBC) allows students to attend at a discounted rate and earn credits while in high school.

Our Student Internship Program is a unique and impactful program that allows student in grades 11 and 12 to apply and earn one credit by serving in an elementary or middle school classroom. Students must demonstrate prompt attendance, respectful behavior, and servant leadership and are evaluated by their supervisor in a quarterly review.

High School Highlights

Grade Levels





  • PIAA Athletics
  • Choir
  • Band, District Band
  • Spring Play/Musical
  • National Honor Society
  • Art
  • Teacher Aids
  • Computer
  • Class Office
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook
  • Prayer & Praise Team
  • Student Intern Program


  • Choir Retreat
  • Choir Tour,
  • Athletic Championships
  • Spiritual Emphasis Days
  • ACSI Fine Arts Festival
  • Homecoming
  • Spirit Week
  • Tip-off Tournament
  • Dessert Recital
  • Jr./Sr. Banquet
  • Senior Trip
  • NHS Trips
  • Missions Opportunities

Grading Scale

A+ A A-
B+ B B-
C+ C C-
D+ D E/F
Below 65

Graduation Requirements 2022-2023

Mount Calvary Christian School places a great amount of care into the curriculum plan each year. A systematic review of all curriculum is completed on an annual basis to ensure the information we teach our students is current and relevant in today’s educational climate. Special attention is placed on a specific subject each year, and a thorough evaluation of that curriculum ensures families that MCCS is best preparing your child to succeed academically.

In addition to reviewing the school’s curriculum, much attention is placed on vertically integrating the curriculum between grade levels. Meetings are regularly held to assess each classes progress as well as to discuss the individual needs of special students within the class.

The result of the diligent work of the school’s curriculum committee is a complete educational experience that allows graduating seniors to excel at the college level.