Early Childhood

Hands are for Helping,
Words are for Worshiping,
Feet are for Following Jesus,
Actions are for Applying God’s Word.

The purpose of the Early Education Program at MCCS is to bring glory and honor to God through instruction in His Word and by providing opportunities to explore His creation. ​Our teachers nurture your child’s spiritual growth through immersion in God’s truth as shared in the Bible and and introduces children to the main stories of the Bible through a variety of hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities.

Our program is accredited, purposeful, Christ-centered, and meaningful. Practically, this means that our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, including creative projects and experiences, with an intentional formation of skills and personalized learning focused on each unique child. Hands-on activities engage children in learning through play. Bible integration takes place at this early level of learning, and curriculum includes clear presentations of the Gospel. Scripture truth is interwoven into every aspect of the child’s time in the classroom.

As in all grade levels at MCCS, we focus on partnering with parents to mold their child’s character and education.

Preschool (K-3)

Preschool is available for children who are 3 years old (by September 1). This half-day program helps children develop early academic skills like problem solving and sequencing through developmentally appropriate instruction and activities. Learning through play allows children to engage with a variety of subjects. Children practice patience and grow their emotional intelligence by working through stations during a portion of their class time.

Students learn leadership skills and work in groups to grow their social interaction skills. Children interact with the Bible by retelling the stories they learn. Songs, scripture memory, and sign language help children engage with a topic and reinforce weekly class themes.

Each preschool class has a classroom aide to facilitate one-on-one instruction.

Pre-Kindergarten (K-4)

Our K-4 program is for children who are fours years old (by September 1st). Parents have the option to enroll their child in a 2-day or 3-day full- day program. Our inquiry-based program establishes an academic foundation for children at the K-4 level. Children are provided a variety of opportunities for intentional play to not only continue practicing academic concepts, but also practice appropriate social interactions such as problem-solving, sharing, effectively communicating, showing patience, working as a team, etc.

Children continue to develop their fine motor skills, as well as build phonemic sounds (understanding of letters and words), and numeric foundation in preparation for kindergarten.

Early Education Options


Age 3 by September 1

  • Option 1: MWF 8-11am
  • Option 2: T/Th 8-11am
  • Option 3: MWF 11:45am - 2:40pm


Age 4 by September 1

  • Option 1: MWF 8am-2:40pm
  • Option 2: T/Th 8am-2:40pm

Mount Calvary Christian School’s Early Education Program secured its accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This status was acquired in 2015 after providing exemplary ratings and comprehensive evidence of a high quality program that meets all components of accredited status.

The MCCS Early Education program voluntarily complies with the Pennsylvania state requirements for early education as outlined in the Keys and Stars descriptors and meets additional standards demanded by ACSI and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. While our program is accredited and complies with strict accrediting standards, we do not have PA State licensing.

The MCCS Early Education program maintains a high commitment to maintaining compliance with state licensing requirements and standards through on-going professional development, documentation of all State-required clearances and trainings, and intentional self-monitoring.