Early Childhood

Mount Calvary’s Early Education Program maximizes our youngest students’ God-given gifts, building a foundation for future academic success. We teach through developmentally appropriate activities and positive social interactions set in a Christian environment.

Preschool (K-3) offers families a half-day program (for students who turn three by September 1st) aimed at developing early academic skills like problem solving and sequencing through developmentally appropriate instruction and activities. Children in the preschool program are excited to see their school friends and to learn a new story from the Bible. Social interactions in large and small groups provide our youngest students with opportunities to interact with one another and learn while under the guidance of their teacher. Each preschool class has a classroom aide to facilitate one-on-one instruction.

Pre-K (K-4) is a two day or three day, full-day program (for students who turn four by September 1st) taught in a classroom setting. K4 emphasizes that school can be exciting and fun while building sound academic foundations. K4 students associate letters with sounds and begin to read one vowel words, memorize Bible verses, and begin early math skills of number recognition, counting, adding and subtracting. K4 students participate in weekly times of music, physical education, art and library. Developmentally appropriate activities and positive social interactions continue to be an important part of the curriculum through large group activities, small group activities and center time/free play in the classroom.

Kindergarten (K-5) blesses the students (who turn five by September 1st) with the privilege to learn truths in God’s Word.  We teach the Bible throughout the entire day and incorporate God’s truths in our every day lessons.  Your child will learn how to love God and love others and how that love overflows into every aspect of their lives.  Our program provides parents with flexibility in selecting which educational option is appropriate for the needs of their child. Parents who are not sure what is best for their child may allow our trained teachers to evaluate and recommend the program that best fits the educational needs of their child.  The K-5 program teaches Bible, Phonics, Math, Reading, Handwriting, Science, and Social Studies. Your child will learn the structure of school and the importance of respecting our teachers and classmates.  The students participate in weekly times of music, choir, physical education, art and library. These specials encourage the students to recognize the talents that God has given them.  The students are given opportunities to socialize with their peers during recess, center time and free play in the classroom.

Mount Calvary Christian School’s Early Education Program secured its accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This status was acquired in 2015 after providing exemplary ratings and comprehensive evidence of a high quality program that meets all components of accredited status. The MCCS Early Education program voluntarily complies with the Pennsylvania state requirements for early education as outlined in the Keys and Stars descriptors and meets additional standards demanded by ACSI and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. While our program is accredited and complies with strict accrediting standards, we do not have PA State licensing. The MCCS Early Education program maintains a high commitment to maintaining compliance with state licensing requirements and standards through on-going professional development, documentation of all State-required clearances and trainings, and intentional self-monitoring.