The trustees meet monthly to set the vision for the school, establish policy, and engage in personnel hiring. We are so appreciative of these godly individuals who oversee the school. Trustees each have a unique connection with the school with some being alumni themselves or parents of current students or alumni.

Our Trustees:

  • Jared Griest, Superintendent
  • Ryan Hostetter (2022), Chairman, MCCS parent, Elder representative
  • Micah Eaby (2025), MCCS parent
  • Anthony Ellis (2022), former MCCS Parent and Accountant
  • Karl Feucht (2022), Assistant Chair, MCCS Parent and Sales Estimator
  • Anna Kelley (2024), MCCS parent and Business Owner
  • Lonnie Kopcha (2025), MCCS parent
  • Joelle Myers (2022), MCCS parent, former Teacher, and Stay-at-Home Mom
  • Mike Robinson (2023), MCCS Parent, Public School Assistant Superintendent
  • Leah Sintic (2023), MCCS Parent, Author and Stay-at-Home Mom