Mount Calvary Christian School invites you to examine the following two documents that clarify our standardized testing methodology.  We contract with NWEA to do MAP testing.  We have moved away from ‘high stakes’ testing and are now using testing that provides very fast feedback to teachers to inform instruction and to know exactly where students place in specific skill areas and grade-level spectrums.  MAP testing is done from K-12th grade in the subjects of Math and English.  We also do Science testing through 8th grade.

Click Here to access the Parent Guide to MAP


MCCS Parent FAQ’s for MAPs Tests

  1. What is MAPs?
    • MAP, which stands for Measure of Academic Progress, is a computer-adaptive test created by NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association). MAP tests in reading, language usage, math, and science are available for grades 2-12. Students in grades K-2 may take the MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) in reading and math.
  2. How often do students take MAPs tests?
    • Students take the MAP tests three times a year- during the fall, winter, and spring.
  3. How long is a MAPs test?
    • The tests are not timed so students may take as long as they need to complete each test. Typically, students take 40-50 minutes to complete a test.
  4. Is MAPs a standardized test? How does this test fit in with Terra Novas and PSSA’s?
    • Standardized tests such as Terra Novas and PSSA’s measure whether or not a student meets grade level expectation. Every student in a particular grade is given the same test.
    • MAPs tests are computer-adaptive which means the test adjusts to the child’s learning level based on their responses to the questions. In other words, if the child is getting the questions correct, the test gets harder and visa versa.
    • Results from the test are given in the form of a RIT score which can be tracked over time to see how much growth a student has achieved. Unlike standardized tests, RIT scores do not just tell you whether or not a child is at a particular grade level, but rather what knowledge and skills your child is ready to learn.  Since the test is given three times a year, teachers can track students’ growth and modify their teaching to meet each child’s learning needs.
  5. How do I learn about my child’s test results?
    • Student scores will be shared with parents after each testing session. Stay tuned for more information about how to access and interpret those scores.