Spiritual Life

The concept of spiritual life at MCCS covers a broad spectrum of activities, teaching biblical truths and weaving development into every aspect of campus life. 

Our Bible curriculum at both the elementary and middle school levels was written by MCCS staff members. 

At the high school level, our Bible curriculum is a carefully-structured progression of instruction addressing the Bible, important theological categories, and practical worldview questions.  

At Mount Calvary, our focus goes beyond the basic transfer of information needed to acquire an intellectual knowledge of the Bible. Students who graduate from MCCS will be critical and discerning thinkers who are educated and equipped in making decisions that reflect the truth of God’s Word.

Students attend weekly chapel services that involve worship, special speakers, presentations, testimonies, and special music.

Spiritual Emphasis Days are an intentional time of focusing on how students can engage with today’s culture from a biblical perspective and live for Christ with a global missions passion. During these special days, we lead students into a deeper walk with the Lord.