Spiritual Life

The Bible curriculum at MCCS is a carefully-structured progression of instruction addressing the Bible itself, important theological categories, and practical worldview questions. Students spend considerable time doing book surveys and character studies. We want our students to be exposed to the battles they will face as young Christian men and women.

Students who graduate from Mount Calvary Christian School will be educated in making sound moral choices, and will also understand the rudiments of biblical wisdom and discretion. Our focus goes beyond the simple transfer of the information needed to acquire an intellectual knowledge of the Bible.

Our students also attend weekly chapel services that involve worship, special speakers, skits, testimonies, and special music.

Spiritual Emphasis Days look deep into the issues affecting today’s youth and challenge our students to live seriously for Christ with a global missions passion. During these special days, we lead students into a full commitment and deeper walk with the Lord.

We invite you to ask questions about our spiritual focus. We are highly intentional about biblical integration and want you to be fully aware of our desire to live balanced lives of both love and conviction.

Student with Bible