Health & Safety Plan

Mount Calvary Christian School


 Health and Safety Plan

On behalf of the Trustee Board of Mount Calvary Christian School, please find the finalized health and safety plan for the 2021-2022 school year and additional materials below.

We would like to extend our appreciation to each one of you for your patience and support during this process. We are continuing to approach each challenge with prayer and discernment as to how God would have us move forward as a school and a ministry. Our prayers have been and will continue to be with you as you navigate these unchartered waters, and we ask that you continue to cover the school and its leadership in prayer as we do the same.

Thank you again for your prayers – we are looking forward to another great year!


Jared Griest


COVID-19 Dashboard

MCCS COVID-19 Dashboard


Active Cases Population Size Positivity Rate
3 701 0.43%


Last Updated: 5.20.2022


Please Remember:

1. Data is based on confirmed cases of COVID-19 in which the individuals were physically present in the school setting during the infectious period (48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms)

2. The rolling period begins on the day after the onset of symptoms for each case and expires after 14 calendar days.


COVID Symptom Chart

2021-2022 MCCS Health & Safety Plan

COVID FAQ – Rev. 1/2022

MCCS Update (Eff. 12/30/21)

MCCS Update (Eff. 12/12/21)

MCCS Update (Eff. 10/13/2021)

Face Covering Order