Faculty & Staff

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 Administration & Support Staff: 

Alison Adams
Marketing Director
Ext. 170
Diane Hollinger
School Nurse
Ext. 107
Sherrie Crowell
Elementary Secretary
Ext. 100
Megan Jordan
Administrative Assistant
Director of Admissions
Ext. 105
Chris Etter
Secondary Principal
Education Director
Ext. 101
April Miller
Director of Community
Donor Relations
Ext. 155
Jennifer Garcia
Elementary Principal
Ext. 106
Chrissy Shaffer
Main Office Secretary
Ext. 105
Jared Griest
Ext. 105

 Elementary Faculty: 

Jessica Bistline
1st Grade
Ext. 140
Heidi Kirsch
Kindergarten Aide
Heather Bowers
2nd Grade
Ext. 135
Rebecca Minter
Ext. 138
Stephanie Brussel
2nd Grade
Ext. 132
Teresa Neyer
K3, Elem. Aide, Power Hour
Ext. 127
Jan Burd
5th Grade
Ext. 121
Joelle Nye
Gina Crick
2nd Grade
Ext. 120
Kathleen Olsen
1st Grade
Ext. 134
Kerstin Cunningham
Ext. 137
Kate Ray
Elementary Music
Academic Support Teacher
Ext. 157
Jennifer Robinson
Ext. 143
Vicky Elofsky
K4-3rd Art
Ext. 130
Kim Schmitkons
3rd Grade
Ext. 126
Kellianne Enterline
Ext. 133
Abby Singles
4th Grade
Ext. 142
Abigail Fellon
1st Grade
Ext. 123
Jill Smith
K3, Yearbook, Power Hour
Ext. 144
Jennie Harclerode
3rd – 5th Online Teacher
Emily Torrey
K4-2nd Online Teacher
Ext. 124
Amy Hess
Media Robotics Teacher
Ext. 110
Allie Toth
5th Grade
Ext. 111
Joyce Hilsher
Ext. 131
Kristin Walker
K3 & Power Hour Aide
Ext. 139
Jena Hostetter
Ext. 148
Joy Weaver
3rd Grade
Ext. 139

 Secondary Faculty: 

Kate Aument
HS History
Ext. 117
Kyra Lancaster
Fine Arts Director,
MS/HS Choir & Band
Ext. 128
Joshua Brussel
MS Bible
Ext. 154
Emily Landis
Secondary Science
Ext. 112
Kelly Carr
4th-12th Art
Ext. 129
Matthew Owlett
HS Bible,
Spiritual Life Director
Ext. 116
Kate Ferrari
Academic Success Teacher
Ext. 115
Kory Pruner
MS/HS Math &
Academic Guidance
Ext. 119
Leah Fortney
Pre-Calc, Calculus
Ext. 147
Melissa Risser
HS Science,
MS Physical Science,
MS/HS Stem
Ext. 145
Lynn Hubler
Building Substitute
Olivia Sederstrom
HS English, Speech
Ext. 118
Josiah Jones
Athletic Director
Ext. 149
Jim Sintic
Assistant Athletic Director,
PE, Health,
VOLT Coordinator
Ext. 108
Andrew Jordan
Sound & Praise Team
Sue Stum
MS Stem
MS Technology & PE
Francine Koontz
6-9 English
Ext. 122
Lois Stump
MS History, Geography
Ext. 125
Julie Lamb
Math, Algebra I, Physics,
Phys. Science, Media
Ext. 109
Dana Witmer
Elem./MS Spanish
Ext. 150
Faith Landon
Secondary English & History
Power Hour Coordinator
Karen Zamora
HS Spanish
Ext. 158

 Kitchen & Custodial Staff: 

David Crick
Custodial Staff
Ext. 024
Extextra text
Greg Heindel
Food Services Coordinator
Ext. 114
Donna Crick
Kitchen Staff
Ext. 113
Becky Kline
Kitchen Staff
Ext. 113
Thomas Esbenshade
Custodial Manager
Ext. 020
Kim Robles
Kitchen Staff
Ext. 113
Michael Halterman
Custodial Staff