From left to right: Dr. Daniel Sheard, Jon Mohr, Paula Hynam, Jon Hubler, Anna Kelly, Ken Wolf, and in the front row, Karen Gerlock, and Amy Stewart.

The trustees meet monthly to set the vision for the school, establish policy, and engage in personnel hiring. We are so appreciative of these godly individuals who oversee the school. They are all parents with children at Mount Calvary and are deeply involved in the direction and sustaining details of our mission.

Our Trustees:

  • Dr. Dan Sheard, Chair and Superintendent
  • Karen Gerlach (2020), MCCS parent and former Administrative Assistant
  • Jon Hubler (2018),  MCCS parent and private Business Owner
  • Paula Hynum (2018), MCCS parent and Business Manager
  • Anna Kelley (2017), MCCS parent and Project Manager
  • Jon Mohr (2020), MCCS parent and Tradesman
  • Amy Stewart (2019), MCCS parent and Credentialed Teacher
  • Ken Wolfe (2017), MCCS parent and Accounting Principal